The Club’s Pleasant Hill facility is located approximately 5 miles south of Pleasant Hill, Il. on 900 acres of timber and farm land with a 3 story clubhouse. There are 60 permanent camper sites and 3 temporary camper sites all surrounded by woods on the Mississippi River below the Clarksville Dam. The boat ramp provides easy access to the river for eligible members. There are duck blinds and deer stands available for members that are eligible to use them. (See the membership rules and requirements for more information).  The clubhouse has restrooms, showers, bedrooms, refrigerators, and a fully stocked kitchen, with pots, pans and silverware.

Rates for using the cots in the clubhouse are posted by the sign in register in the basement. Camping is permitted year round. NOTE: Temporary camper sites and cots in the clubhouse are available on a first come, first served basis. You must be a Waterfowl or Regular Member to have a permanent camper site.

Things to do when you arrive at Pleasant Hill:

  1. Sign the register in the back room.
  2. Pay any fees that apply to your visit. Envelopes are provided. Please complete the fields listed on the envelope and deposit money (cash or check) into envelope and put in mail slot in wall next to the “sign in” register.
  3. If there are any doubts regarding the rules and regulations they are posted in the room where the “sign in” register is. Please read and familiarize yourself, and guests with these rules and regulations.
  4. ATV/UTV riding is permitted, but you must sign a waiver (if you are a guest) that is provided at the “sign in” register, read and follow all riding rules. Stay on the trails. No riding on the levee, or in lake bottoms, or where posted “NO ATV”.

Pleasant Hill Facility Rules:

  1. All vehicles including ATV or UTV should drive at IDLE speed around club grounds
  2. ATV/UTV cleaning station is located in the front of the clubhouse. Please clean off the station when done.
  3. Children under the age of 12 are not allowed past the levee without adult supervision.
  4. Obey all state and federal hunting and fishing regulations.
  5. Associate Members may use the clubhouse and picnic area only. NO ATV riding is allowed.
  6. Any Regular or Waterfowl Member may hunt subject to Club rules and regulations.
  7. Read all posted rules by sign in register.
  8. Read our Deer Rules here.

Enjoy Pleasant Hill – It is a unique and wonderful part of the Alton-Wood River Sportsmen’s Club

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