At the Alton-Wood River Sportsmen’s Club (AWRSC), we believe that volunteers make the difference. Our success is possible through the efforts of our members. Without volunteers, most club activities would be costly and many would cease to exist.

We all have busy lives and schedules and there may not be enough time to volunteer. But if each of us volunteered once a month or once every other month, it really wouldn’t be that hard to find some time to volunteer.

Why do people volunteer? Some people will volunteer because they want to make sure that we succeed or because they believe it is the right thing to do. Others volunteer just because they want to help out. Get involved and make new friends, or reconnect with old friends.

What can you do? Maybe you are interested in helping out in ways that do not require a definite schedule commitment.

We need you! Volunteers make the club work and we need more of you to volunteer. When you volunteer, you are helping to ensure that the club will be able to continue to offer the activities that you enjoy. Volunteering helps to keep the costs down, which in turn helps the club keep membership and activity costs down.

To find out more about volunteer opportunities, or to volunteer, please click the sign-up sheet link HERE and download the form. Please return the completed form to the Club or email it to

Note: In order to download the form, you will need Adobe Reader. To download the free version, click HERE.