1. Only Club members and their guests are permitted on the club grounds. Guests must be accompanied by a Club Member or spouse of a Club Member.

2. Fishing in the club lake is reserved for members and their immediate family under twenty-one years of age. An out of town house guest will be permitted to fish, and only when accompanied by a Club member or spouse of a Club member.

3. Children under the age of sixteen years must be accompanied by a member or spouse of a Club member. All Junior members must be accompanied after dark.

4. Junior members under the age of sixteen can bring guests to the lake.

5. No alcohol may be consumed or possessed by minors.

6. Fires must be in designated fireplaces or portable grills. Clean up your litter.

7. Organized games or groups of 10 or more should check in with the Manager.

8. All overnight campers shall register with the Club manager.

9. Removal or damage to trees or shrubbery is not permitted. Do not litter.

10. All persons fishing the lake must comply with all State fishing regulations. Rod and reel or pole and line fishing only will be permitted.

11. Members may put boats on the lake. Electric trolling motors only, no gasoline motors.

12. Any boat being used on the lake must have Coast Guard approved life jackets or cushions for each occupant. No person under the age of sixteen will be allowed in a boat unless accompanied by an adult Member.

13. No wading, swimming, or ice-skating permitted.

14. No hunting allowed on Godfrey Club grounds. Archery deer hunting is allowed October 1st through January 15th. Rules do apply, and are being updated.

15. Members and Junior Members sixteen years and over are permitted to work or train their dogs in the small or large lake.

16. Any person violating the foregoing rules or engaging in any illegal conduct on the Club Lakes or grounds shall be subject to review by the Board of Directors and/or subject to dismissal. Members are responsible for their guests.